A sportsman, and father of 3 sons, was anxious to share his latest kill with his family for Sunday dinner.

He didn't want his sons to refuse tasting the delicious venison, so he sat the boys down to dinner without telling them what the meat was they were about to eat.

"Oh come on Dad," said the oldest son. "What is this meat?"

"Just taste it," said the father, "You will love it."

The boys eyed each other nervously and put a piece of the meat on their forks.

"Give us a little hint.", pleaded the second son.

"Only if you take a bite.", said the father.

As each boy took a cautious bite of the venison, the father continued, "Let me think, your mother calls me this from time to time."

The oldest boy shouted, "Spit it out boys, it's asshole!"
Added : 1.7.2003
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