There were two Irishmen drinking in a bar.

One drank from his beer and said to the other, "Oh my. I've not had beer like this since I was a young man in Kilarney".The other man looked surprised.

"Well, glory be! I'm from Kilarney myself!"

"Well, neighbor", says the first fellow, "and what street did you live on?"

"I lived on Blarney Road, near the church of St. Michael's".

"Well, and so did I!", says the second.

"What a small world it is!" The bartender rolls his eyes and picks up the phone.

The first man says, "...and I went to St. Patrick's school."

The second man slaps his forehead. "I'll be, so did I!!"

The bartender looks at the two men and speaks into the phone. "Honey, I'll be late coming home. The O'Malley brothers are drunk again".
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