There are 3 people standing on the top off a cliff, on american one asian and one canadian.  They are told to throw off the item that appears most in their country. 

So the american says "Ah, that's to easy, I'll go first" so the american walks up to the cliff and throws off some drugs.  The candian and the asian clap and say good job to the american.  The american steps back and the asian goes next. 

He takes some rice and throws it of the cliff and says, "Too much rice, make me sick"  The other two clap and the asian steps back and the canadian stepped forward. 

He thinks for quite a while and finnally decides.  He picked up some beer and looked as if he was goin to throw it off but then he said, "Wait" and he chugged down the beer turned around grabbed the asian and threw him off the cliff and said, "Get out of my country"
Added : 17.1.2007
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