Two guys are traveling by car on a main street in America and suddenly they see an Indian lying face down in the middle of the road with his ear glued to the ground!

"Check it out" says one "he's listening to the ground! I bet he can hear what's approaching from miles away!".

"No way" says the other.

They both approach the Indian. "Five or six kilometers to the west ...", they hear him say in a soft voice, "yellow jeep, model Rangler with four people inside, two men, two women, the driver is wearing red flannelette shirt, the woman next to him is wearing a tight white shirt ...".

The guys are amazed! "Wow!" says one. And the Indian, in a soft voice continues: "I was hit by them and they left me in the middle of the road ten minutes ago ..."

Added : 18.4.2010
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