Thor, the Viking God of Thunder, and his pal Odin were up in
Valhalla, when suddenly Thor said to Odin, "It's been a long
time now. I really need to have sex."
Odin stood and pondered for a while, before replying, "Go
to Earth, O Thor, and find thyself what they call a' lady of
joy' and treat her to your manly pleasures."
And this Thor did. The next day, he came back up to see
Odin, and told him of the previous night's events. "My
friend," he said, grinning from ear to ear, "It was
wonderful. We had passionate sex 37 times.."
"37 times!" exclaimed Odin. "That poor woman! Mere
mortals cannot endure such treatment. You must go and
apologize this instant!"
So Thor went back down to earth and found the
aforementioned prostitute, saying. "I'm sorry about last
night, but you see, I'm Thor..."
"You're Thor?" shouted the girl. "You're Thor? What about
me? I'm tho thor I can hardly pith!"

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