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Appearances can be deceptive... Seeing the man on the photo I would never believe he has such a tender heart so as to have a heart-shaved back!

17 ways to say  [258]

Do you have butterflies in your stomach? A good and quite impressive way to show your feelings to your beloved one is to fill his/her stomach with a heart-shaped slice of bread!! [via]

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Confessing your love can be as cute as mini cooper is![via]

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In Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles on the 4 February 2010 this scyscraper went red in support to the campaign "Go red for women" who experience domestic violence or have cancer. It might not be exactly a way to show your love and passion to one person but it's a wonderful way to support all these women. Nevertheless you must definitely know at least one woman who has experienced one of the problems mentioned above.[via]

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Love is like oxygen... Love is in the air... That's what this jongleur is trying to prove! Quite succesfully I have to admit![via]

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Using birthday cake lights these three people form a really impressing message with the most common words ever! "I love you".

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How many times have you wondered what's the shape of a certain cloud you are watching?? Well this is something much more simple. A plane's trace on the sky forming a heart! How romantic![via]

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Picture of AC Milan's Pato celebrating after scoring against Cagliari in their Italian Serie A soccer match at San Siro stadium in Milan. A very romantic and challenging love-expression from this succesful footbal player.[source]

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The most common words in the most unusual ways!!


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