8 weird ways to die [2462]

Most people don't like to think about death. But... from time to time the circumstances of someone's death are so hilarious or unpredictable that we really can't help stepping back and laughing.

1 How strong is that window?

 8 weird ways to die [2463]

In 1993 Garry Hoy, a lawyer with the Toronto law firm of Holden Day Wilson, was demonstrating at a party how strong the windows of the TD Centre were. He ran at a window once... and then again, at which point the windows gave way and... Hoy fell 24 floors to his death.

His experience was recreated by MythBusters in the episode "Vacuum Toilet, Biscuit Bazooka, Leaping Lawyer".

For his unusual death, Hoy was recognized with a Darwin Award in 1996.


2 Video games

 8 weird ways to die [2464]

They're supposed to be fun and entertaining, but seriously people. There's a time to take a break from the video games. And that time is before they kill you.

In 1981, a 19-year-old gamer named Jeff Dailey became the first official video game victim. After racking up an impressive 16,660 points while playing the game ''Berzerk,'' Jeff toppled over and died of a heart attack.

Want more?

Less than two years later, 18-year-old Peter Burkowski also died of a heart attack while playing the same game.

Want even more?

August 2005 - South Korean Lee Seung Seop died of exhaustion after playing Starcraft online for 50 hours straight in an Internet cafe.

January 2007 - A 28-year-old woman named Jennifer Strange died of hyponatremia (water intoxication) after participating in a contest at a local radio station. In order to win a Nintendo Wii, the contestants competed to see who could drink the most water without taking a potty break. Strange ingested enough water to severely dilute the sodium levels in her bloodstream and bring about her death.

3 Your enemy's severed head

 8 weird ways to die [2460]

Sigurd the Mighty, the ninth-century Viking Earl of Orkney, died a particularly ironic death after returning from a successful battle. Having defeated his foe Mael Brigte, Sigurd strapped the Pict's severed head to his saddle and headed home. As he was riding, however, Mael's tooth scraped against Sigurd's leg and caused a sore that later became infected in a fatal sort of way.

4 Deadly cricket ball

 8 weird ways to die [2461]

In 1751 Prince Frederick, the eldest son of Britain's George II and thus heir to the throne, was killed by a cricket ball. Frederick - a leading patron of what had recently become England's most popular sport - took a ball in the chest and later died of a lung abscess created by the impact. Frederick's son became George III, the guy who lost half of North America in the Revolutionary War.

5 Beer Flood

 8 weird ways to die [2465]

Nine people died in 1814 in the Great London Beer Flood when 1.5-million litres of beer burst out of a Merx & Company Brewery storage facility.


6 Sex is a reason for everything

 8 weird ways to die [2466]

In 2009 according to media reports, a 28-year-old Russian man named Sergey Tuganov bet two women in Moscow he could have non-stop sex with them for 12 hours. The bet was 1,000 rubles (by my approximation). The women accepted, Tuganov downed a bottle of Viagra, performed for 12 hours, collected the bet - and promptly dropped dead of a heart attack. I salute you Sergey.

7 Trying to earn sympathy

 8 weird ways to die [2467]

In 1937 Church of England deposed the priest Harold Davidson because he was rubbing with prostitutes. He went on hunger strike and was arrested for attempted suicide, which is regarded as a criminal offense in England.

When the trial started, he wanted to appear in court locked in a cage with a lion. He invented this idea to gain popularity and provoke public sympathy.

Before he could get up the bench, to prove his innocence, the lion killed him. Nobody was surprised, but him. [source]

8 Magical forces

 8 weird ways to die [2468]

It is said that a religious leader in Zimbabwe drowned, during a ceremony in 1990 because of his stupid followers. They did not pulled him from the water, because they believed that he was protecting by his magical forces. They considered that he could breathe under water, where he stayed for two days.

Honorable Mention: The Russian guy that installs air conditions without any safety measures. I really hope he is still alive, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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