Reddit userĀ robswampthing and his wife are both in the army. She is now deployed, but Wednesday was always pizza night. Here is what happened with his own words. I hope she returns safe to her lucky husband.

"Wednesday was always pizza night :/ I miss my wife.

My wife is deployed right now, and we always used to get pizza on Wednesday nights. I sent her a message telling her how much I missed doing that with her, then papa johns showed up. She had them write me a message under the lid. She's already been gone a few months, and won't be back until the end of the year.

Here's to eating this by myself :/

Edit: It was clearly undercooked, but I ate it anyway... I am now regretting it.

I messaged my wife asking if she requested that too!

2nd edit: neither my wife, or myself are complaining. (Well some days are harder than others)

Were both active duty, and we both absolutely love it, granted this is the longest we've been seperated. Everything is still great, and we appreciate the kind words some of you have to share. Yes we do get paid, we do get benefits, and we do get opportunities. You gotta take the good with the bad. The juice is worth the squeeze for anyone considering joining. IMO"

Wife doesn't forget Pizza night [7520]
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