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Goma-Mugi cha
Awesome tv spot from japan selling a tea helping with high blood pressure.
You got my love
A pleasant video clip of the song with many girls and many t-shirts.
Dancing animals
Who says animamls do not dance? They do and they are very impressive!
Kseniya Simonova - Sand animation 2
Kseniya Simonova impressed millions of people with her unique talent. Unfortunately I couldn't find the unedited version of this video but it is still awesome!
In 40 seconds
Sometimes time can be compressed. Here are 85 years in 40 seconds!
Sam Kinison - Rappers Suck
The late great Sam Kinison expressing his distaste for rap music. Funny to note Ice T in the house for this bit!
Elevator experiment
An experiment on crowd pressure in an elevator. The last guy seems totally helpless!
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