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Cat around Asia
He purrs when he's happy, and what makes him happy? Food, food and more food.
Cat Around Europe
Our cat is going around the world, now, it travels around Europe. Help him get the food in each country so it will never be hungry again :)
Buddha... as cat!
I'm absolutely sure that only Buddha reincarnated into a cat would achieve this tremendous patience...
Cat VS Policeman
A cat brutally attacks a policeman. This cat has some authority issues. I bet the person in the car was laughing throughout the "attack".
Fat Cat
Shooting game with a fat cat.
Fish and cat story
One spring day, a fish was swimming about a foot below the surface of a lake and saw a fly hovering just out of striking distance. The fish said to itself, "If that fly comes six inches closer...
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Sushi cat
Help Sushi Cat out by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his belly to win.
Stretchy cat
It's really amazing how the cat can do this!
Cat scan failed
The doctor said I should have a cat scanned but I can't do it!!!
Cat rejected
She will be staying out for tonight! You can see the disappointment at her face.
Cat dryer
Why? Does it look uncomfortable for you?
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