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Dog escape
Who would ever think that the dog could escape from up there!! Amazing... and of course he is worth to be free!
Kurt Metzger - Dating A Greek Girl
Kurt Metzger talking about how difficult is to date a Greek girl. The stand up comedy was performed at Comix for the "Strictly for Laugh 5" Suicide Prevention Benefit.
Dog or pig?
If you don' t have a dog to train, then you can find another animal. Just watch...
Happy dog
Keeping your dog happy can benefit you as well!!
Let's slide
Gravity, an itch and a clever dog produced this short clip.
You got my love
A pleasant video clip of the song with many girls and many t-shirts.
4-minute story
I used to hate French... but after that I've changed my mind!! The cutest 4-minute story I've ever heard!
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