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Geographical puns
I know I use this world a lot lately but I am Ghana say it again and stand by it. This thread on facebook is EPIC.
Gentle Gravity
Collect all coins in the world to save your wife from robbers in this radial ravity platformer game!
Gravity Duck 3
Arrow keys to move! Press Space to change the gravity direction! Touch the key to open the gate! Press Space to restart !
Gravity master
Cool physics game! Collect all rotating circles with the black ball. Draw different shapes with your mouse to move the ball by using physics.
Quantum Corps
Bend time and gravity to be the best of the best.
Space monkey
At every turn you will fight the gravity, but you also won’t survive without it.
One hell of a puzzle game that uses simple physics. Use your mouse to split objects and joints and get the smiley to the end of each stage.
Milo physics
Nice physics based puzzle game. Drop the objects and use them to collect all the stars with the ball.
Leave Me A Clone
Leave Me A Clone is an exciting puzzle platformer where the player creates clones, solves puzzles and avoids danger!
NASA Vs Russia
When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity. To ...
read the joke
Get the little guy to the end of eash level. Use anomalies to defy gravity. Nicely made puzzle game.
Another defend the castle game. Only this time you don't shoot the attackers. You pick them up and let gravity do the job.
This is a well-designed flash game where the Ninjaman passes each stage by achieving a few goals.
Spin the black circle
It may seem easy but it is not. Spin the center part and try to get the ball to the end of the stage. Let gravity do the work for you.
Guide your knight to each level's exit by drilling away the blocks he stands on, and letting gravity take effect!
Insane orb
Based on the classic pong game the insane orb goes one step further. You have also gravity fields and blocks which you have to consider. Very cool though!
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