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Indian spiderman
This guy is amazing! Watch the part where he turns upside down to get higher!
Elevator experiment
An experiment on crowd pressure in an elevator. The last guy seems totally helpless!
Jaan Pehechaan Ho
Clip from the Indian film "Gumnaam", featured at the beginning of the Ghost World movie. One of the craziest songs and videos I've ever seen!!
Hari Kondabolu- Where are you from?
Hari Kondabolu hates being asked "Where are you from? because "New York City" is apparently not a sufficient answer. This is the original version of this jok...
Sam Kinison - Rappers Suck
The late great Sam Kinison expressing his distaste for rap music. Funny to note Ice T in the house for this bit!
Awesome drummers
These guys had quite a large crowd around them at a Chicago Cubs game and you can see why.
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