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Plague of Kittens
Do you like kittens??? Prove it in this skill game and try to break the kitten's fall.
Funny cats!
Enjoy one of the most hilarious videos for cats!
Faster, faster, faster...
Some cute kittens are trying to run up a slide... and if no one stopped them, maybe they are still trying...
Kitten cannon
It's a very funny game in which you shoot a kitten with a cannon... how far can you fly?
Kitt's Kingdom
Utilise a variety of weapons to defeat waves of horrible hounds, maurauding mutts, pillaging pooches and even some barking mad bosses.
Kitty cap
It's cold and it's raining outside...and I feel like wearing a beanie.
Invisible measuring tape
Cats are doing different invisible things from time to time. This one measures the distance between the line and the leaf. So cute!
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