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Kid on drugs
What happens when your kid comes out of the dentist and he is high because of the anaesthetic? You film it and you have a hilarious memory for years to come. Fantastic video and the little guy is awesome!!
Crying game
This little guy sure knows how to get what he wants. He will chase his parents and pretend that he is crying as long as it takes to win this game!!! Good job!!!
Pale Kid Raps Fast
"Pale Kid" or else George Watsky in an insirational rap song, rapping fast!
Poor kid
That's an early start in rejections...
Baby Dances Beyonce
Great dancers aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion. Watch that baby sucking up the video clip like a sponge.
Smarty pants
Lola is unbelievable and smart! I love the smarty pants dance...
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