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The T-Mobile Welcome Back
If this doesn't put a smile on your face you have no soul, like Chandler. Don't real care it's an ad, I'd like to hug the person that thought of this.
The T-Mobile Royal Wedding
The hottest wedding of the decade is about to happen and everyone is talking about it... Since "Life's for sharing" is the moto of T-Mobile they made this kinda mediocre video about the Royal Wedding!
Cosmote - Sima campana
You won't get the words, but it is still one very happy (mental note: not mention gay) tv commercial by Cosmote. Cosmote is one of the leading mobile operators in Greece. "Sima campana" means "Great signal".
One sided
Don't tell me it never happened to you while on the street...
Escape Fast
You're a thief who was duped by his partner in the last robbery.
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