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100 Movies Where They Say the Title of the Movie
Peter Griffin in Family Guy just loves it when they say the name of the movie in the movie... and so do we! The excellent website TV Tropes calls it a "title drop", and we've cobbled together 100 scenes where the title of the film is mentioned.
Funny babies
Enjoy these cute babies who scream with laughter!
Poor kid
That's an early start in rejections...
Brave lady saves child from pedophile
Wow!! He just went there and took one of the kids! This is how easy it would be for him to take the kid if this lady wouldn't have looked back at that moment! Respect to the lady!
Bill Cosby - Brain Damage
Why all children have brain damage? That's what Bill Cosby says in this video, which is part of "Himself" show.
Tall Painting
I was so stunned when I saw this!!! Amazing painting technique!!
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