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This can't be called the gaming section without a tetris game in it.
The nude woman

A young man moved into a new apartment on his own, and went to the lobby to put his name on his mailbox.

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Elite Tetris
I don't think you need any explanations for this game! Just play with the arrow keys.
99 bricks
A nice variation on the classic tetris game, where you try to build the highest tower using just 99 bricks.
It's like tetris but not dropping. You must fill the space at the bottom using the pieces you are given.
A combination of building blocks and tetris!
Perfect Balance
Try to balance the bricks given! There is only one right way to make it but do not hesitate to experinment!
Pop'em Up
The little monsters are hungry. Try to pop food to feed them as much as possible.
Bored dealers
Two bored casino dealers were waiting at a craps table when a very attractive blonde woman arrived and bet $20,000 ...
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Letter of resignation

Apparently, this is an actual letter of resignation from an employee at "Zantex Computers", Australia, to his boss, J Pilgrim. His boss, known as Pilly, apparently resigned very soon afterwards!

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