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Creatures Fight
Collect creatures, equip your sorcerer and fight other players to become the best fighter.
Tribot Fighter
Nice beat'em up game with a robot that can transform into 3 different types as you play.
Heavy Pawnage
Manage your resources and fight your way against hordes of drones.
Chaos Faction
A crazy fighting game with different levels and a lot of different weapons.
Shock 1
A very nice stick fighting animation by Terkoiz! Just get shocked!
Furry Fighter
Choose your cat and enter the wrestling league of Suntown city.
A great fighting animation with stick figures.
You try to gun down your enemy.At first you will just spin but after a while you will get used to it.
A Big Dog Fight
The Americans and Russians at the height of the arms race realized that if they continued in the usual manner ...
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Bullfight Buffet
A man goes to Spain and attends a bullfight. Afterwards he goes to a nearby restaurant and orders the specialty of the day.
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Street Fighter
Fight with Ryu against Sagat. Nicely done and with a quick gameplay.
Your village has been destroyed, can you rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior?
Jewels Hero
Become an epic warrior and defeat all your opponents using your wits and strategy!
Running Warrior
Your loved one has been kidnapped by a evil wizard. Explore the 4 different levels you should master all jobs and skills to save her.
Bee Sting
Defend your Queen Bee from the enemy wasps that want to take over your hive.
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