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Dummy Crusher 2
Cause destruction and mayhem in this action packed sequel!
Crush the castle 2
Shoot the objects you are given with the catapult and crush the castles!
Sugar Cannon
To stop the Devourers from consuming our world... is to feed them candies!
The Love Letter
Read the love letter without getting caught! Can you find your true love before 2nd period?
The Black Knight Rises
Enter Count Mallgoth's spooky castle, hop, bounce and slice your way through 50 tough and challenging levels, complete with end of level bone crushing bosses!
Redneck Drift 2
No matter what you do - you must to do it better than others to be the champion.
Samurai Autumn
Blast your way through the autumn forest crushing enemies and stacking combos
Thrower Goblin
It's your mission to crush all buildings and knights with an catapult. Try to complete the mission in as few turns as you can.
Scientifically Santa
There are approximately two billion children (persons under 18) in the world. However, since Santa does not visit children of ...
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