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Try to fold the paper into the right shape without going over the fold limit!
Time goes by
Drive your bike and collect flowers. Just relax and enjoy the music… it's not about racing!
Relaxing hexagonal match 3 with colorful tiles.
Ion swarm
Strategy game in outer space.Control a cloud of blue particles in a simple relaxing game. Fight the dark matter and try to survive as long as you can!
Find and collect the chest of gold from all 49 rooms to win the game.
Fly guy
When your work is just too much, just fly around. Nothing amazing but it is entertaining and relaxing.
Rainbow stars
Pop the stars to create magical chain reactions of color and sound. Very relaxing!
Children & Proverbs

A first grade teacher collected well known proverbs. She gave each child in her class the first half of a proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. Their insight may surprise you.

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Husband in danger
A woman accompanied her husband to the doctor's office. After his checkup, the doctor called the wife into his office alone.
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