How Starfleet Captains.. (7x1)
Drunken coïtus (7x1)
Here come the waterworks (7x19)
Pass the butter (7x19)
Being Penny's daughter (7x14)
You'd be the oldest one here (7x14)
Fancy genitals (7x16)
Damn it, I got cocky (7x16)
Playing a game with Bernadette (7x3)
Stop wasting time (7x3)
Howard and Amy in a car (7x3)
Team Community College winning (7x3)
I love Neil Diamond (7x3)
Finding the map coördinates (7x3)
More Neil Diamond (7x3)

Teamed up with Penny (7x3)

Not that one (7x21)

Collecting additional data (7x15)

I didn't dream that?! (7x4)

Unable to consummate (7x9)

Focus is key (7x9)

Drinking a beer together (7x9)

The plot like my gravy thickens (7x9)

Sheldon drunk (7x9)

Amy getting spanked (7x9)
Laundry night with Sheldon (7x11)

And I'm the hottest one (7x11)

We're dreamers (7x13)

I thought she said Yoda (7x13)

Sheldon leaving (7x24)

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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. It premiered on CBS in 2007 and the sixth season is expected to premiere in fall 2012.